Human Nature

Carole Morris
2 min readJun 19, 2021
Image by SilviaRita for Pixabay

What brings you happiness, the question that rises

With changing answers depending on the variables

Her age, her relationships, her bank account, her aches

All play a part in the answer I’ll get.

This day she tells me that she really likes nature

To sit by a tree and see blue sky and life

To smell breezes that carry the scents of the land

And be shaded by branches and foliage with peeks of the sun

And what of people, I prompt her for more

After all, she nurtures, she gathers, she draws people in

She ponders a moment to haltingly say

That people more often annoy and disappoint

What is it about trees that you love so dearly?

She talks of their beauty, their grace, their color

And mentions again their shade and their buds

Peace floats around her as she envisions what she spoke.

But what of the fall, when their leaves make a mess?

And what of your allergies from May through July?

And what of the stark, barren branches of winter?

Do you love trees through all of their seasons?

Well, that is their nature, the tree is a tree

The buds follow dormancy, their beauty compensates

My allergies are manageable, a fair trade for the splendor

And raking leaves in fall is a peaceful, simple chore.

And what about people do you find so annoying?

After moments and minutes, she laughs with her answer.

Well, that is their nature, a human is human

I’ll try to remember, even we have our seasons.



Carole Morris

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